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What Each Function Of The Canon 5D Mark II Does & How To Use Them Part 1

In part one of what the 5D Mark II does I go over the outer functions and buttons. In part two we go over the menu setting.

Link To 5D Mark IV


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Cankon : I am struggling
Jyn Meyer : 11:29 is what I came here for! I didn't know it was a joystick!
hasmukh patel : Thanks
Actual Counterfactual : It's now June 2020 and just bought one 2nd hand, like brand new only 7k clicks... highly capable camera in the right hands, looking forward to using it for many years to come.
Jake Curtis : what’s the biggest capacity CF card and the fastest speed card you can put into the Mark ii? thanks

Canon 5D Mark ii - Why I Still Use It And LOVE IT! - Here's Why

I have been using the Mark ii for YEARS and is by far my favorite camera to work with.

Don't be fooled by the fancy cameras that can do a high amount of megapixels, those are nice, but let's remember it comes back to our basics of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. That is the formula for great photos and the Mark CAN DELIVER!

Here are my thoughts on why you SHOULD be using the Mark ii in 2018.

WHO CAN USE THIS CAMERA??? Wedding Photographers, Bloggers, Travel Photographers, Sports Shooters, Wild Life Shooters, THE EVERYDAY DAD for goodness sakes! the list goes on and on.

Please let me know if you think I missed anything or would like to see anything else!

Thanks and enjoy!
Johnny Q : YES. The Mark ii is STILL relevant in 2019!! So go get it and start using creating! Was this helpful?
Tom’s Video Collection : I literally am buying a MKII for hopefully 200.00 lol. I have the R5 on order and it's being delayed. I need something. This camera is bringing me back.
NG Photography : Hi Johnny Q your oppinion canon 5d mk1 or canon 5d mk2? Thanks
memofir unbox : 200k shutter count 450usd should i get it? Thinking of playing ff now
daniel osas : 5d mark ii and 70d which is better for video work?

Canon 5D Mark II Basics 101

In this Tutorial I show you how to adjust the ISO,F-stop,Shutter speed and White balance of the 5d Mark ii.
Please Subscribe and Add comments for more videos.
Cankon : thank you
Lynn Jordan : Yes need info on taken outdoor dog training videos on water and land , I’m a dog trainer doing retriever training at this time . THANK YOU SO MUCH , WASHINGTON STATE DOG TRAINER
Mayala Lujegi : I have got the 5D Mark II but when I try to increase or decrease the shutter speed nothing is happening what setting should I do to overcome this problem
Sherron Candelaria : Thanks so much!
Pepper Studios : How don i set my 5D II to get a very blur background please




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